Coming to Thunder Bay on April 10th, at The Chanterelle.

Filling the void of modern elegance, A Classical Masquerade begins the evening under chandeliers at The Chanterelle with the appreciation of classical music & local artwork, setting the stage for the appreciation of people & toasts with craft cocktails in hand.

With masks & elegant attire worn, allow the mystery of the people to foster a deeper connection.


The Real Value? $49

At This Value

For A Limited Time Only. .

Once They're Gone They're Gone.

Unlike Any Other Cocktail Party.


Poetry as Artful Decor

Not your usual table topper, each cocktail table will feature a piece from a local poet. From poetry about the struggles of life and mental wellness to unconditional love, the yet-to-be-published poems are truly hidden gems.

Feel free to talk to the poets, too.


Classical Music

Live classical music brought to you by classical musicians trained by Thunder Bay's best. Come hear them perform while you can, before their musical gifts take them away from Thunder Bay.

After they finish performing, you'll be able to give them a personal toast!

Local Artists' Work Displayed

Local visual artists will be amidst the party.

Give a toast to them for the painting that inspires you, or the piece that you would love to have for yourself. Maybe even share your own love of art with them, bonding over your mutual love of art.

Meet Your Musicians

Marinda Tran, Flutist

Morgan Carleton-Shubat, Soprano

Mark Piovesana, Tenor Saxophonist

Nicole Waboose, Violin

Derek Oger, Piano Accompanist

Arthur Santala, Piano Accompanist

Alexander Ratz, Violin

Sean Kim, Piano Accompanist

Guest Artist List

Austin Campbell, Poet

Megan Landman, Poet

Mark Piovesana, Tenor Saxophonist

Arthur Santala, Pianist

Alexander Ratz, Violin

Marinda Tran, Flute

Morgan Schubat, Voice

Nicole Waboose, Violin

Blake Evans, Visual Artist

Janna Zachary, Visual Artist

Doreen Green, Pianist



What Our Patrons Are Saying About Us

"Thank you so much for hosting and producing such a marvellous event! Your musical performance alone was truly enriching. A lovely evening with a very talented group. Thanks again .. looking forward to the Masquerade in April."

Lauri Mcleod

Employee of the Government of Canada

"I like the performance. & chatting & mingling with people was . . . high class."

Dawson Mihichuk

LUSU Board of Director

" I want to tell you how amazing the show was and how honoured I was to be asked to be apart of it. Thank you for everything. It was a truly magical night."

Vanessa Ervin

Local Visual Artist